El "Chep"ulin Colorado (donchep) wrote in latinos4obama,
El "Chep"ulin Colorado

Treating Latino vote with respect

I like this..not to be taken for granted but also to be treated with respect considering everyone of those heavily latino populated battleground states mentioned is going for Obama..New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and now Florida.  The Cuban-American youth are being won over in enough numbers...here's the article.

Next month, as many as 10 million Latinos are expected to vote in the presidential election. They could have an especially strong impact in four battleground states: Nevada, Colorado, Florida and New Mexico. Despite what some political observers suggest, most of them will be thinking about more than just the immigration issue. And, if polls are correct and current trends hold up, more than two-thirds of Latino voters will wind up supporting Barack Obama.

Only 23 percent of Latino voters support John McCain, current polls show. Without a shift in Latino support between now and election day, McCain would fall significantly short of the 35 percent of the Latino vote than Republicans need to win the White House. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush did very well in courting Latino voters, earning about 40 percent of the Latino vote in their 1984 and 2004 re-elections. And throughout his political career in Arizona, McCain did even better, routinely capturing more than 60 percent. So what went wrong for McCain with Latinos, and right for Obama? And what does it means beyond this election in a country that is becoming more Latino every year?
more here.....
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